Fuck me I’m Famous! – Fuck me, I’m famous!

Date: Thursday, June 19, 2014
Schedule: From 24h
Address: Avd Ocho de Agosto s/n, 07800, Ibiza
Ticket Price: General admission 70€.

Thursdays at Pacha Ibiza are F*** Me I’m Famous territory!

And the long lines around Pacha Ibiza of the ThursdayHundreds and hundreds of people congregate every week at the doors of the club to see the famous French DJ David Guetta bringing to the dance floor his careful musical production, his guaranteed dance sets and his positive energy. F*** Me I’m Famous! is a party no one wants to miss. For this Thursday, Guetta will also be accompanied by artists who promise to drive attendees crazy with pop, house, electro and dance sounds: the Dutch duo Glow in the dark and the Spanish DJ JP Candela.


Glow in the dark is a young Dutch duo, which is making an important place in the European and international clubbing scene with very vibrant and contagious performances; JP Candela, Guetta’s regular companion in F*** Me I’m Famous! is one of the referents of the house sounds of national production. The four of them together are ready to surprise and captivate one more week in one of the “must” of the Ibiza nights.